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John Constance is the former Director of Congressional and Public Affairs at the National Archives in Washington, DC.  He spent 35 years with the Archives and held a variety of positions including Director of Policy and Program Management.  The National Archives is the nation’s recordkeeper, protecting and preserving the permanently valuable records of the Federal Government, from the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights, to modern records of the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and the Congress.


John ended his Washington career with the Legal Services Corporation, the largest funder of legal aid for low-income Americans. As the Corporation’s spokesman on Capitol Hill, he said that the first portion of his career was dedicated to preserving the U.S. Constitution, and the last was trying to see that it’s guarantee of justice was available to all Americans.

In "retirement" John has been a management consultant to non-profits, a volunteer mock interviewer at StepUp Ministry, and served on the Board of Directors of StepUp and Veterans Life Center of NC. He currently is Secretary to the Board of Directors of The Corporation for Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest and a Trustee of the Episcopal Diocese of NC.



George Washington University

Washington, DC

I received a Masters Degree in Administration with a specialty in Public Administration. My thesis was entitled "Hollywood on the Potomac" and examined the policy and politics of film making in the Federal Government.


The College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government with a minor in Speech. My area of interest was primarily Southern politics and populism in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

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