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30 Months of Mo

OK. Get Ready. Here come the shameless dog photos.

Those of you who have followed me on that other site (let's just call it Head Shot Journal) have been introduced to Massimo Il Magnifico...or just plain Mo for short. Hayden and I arrived home from a trip to Sicily in 2019 and immediately raced to Saving Grace to pick out a mature, house trained, calm, medium-sized dog. That was the plan. But then, a little face peaked over the picket fence of the puppy pen and it was all over. Love at first sight. Immature, far from house trained (or any trained for that matter), wild, with huge paws...just the thing for a couple of traveling 70 year olds. But oh, those little black eyes.

What to call this package of joy? Our bus driver in Sicily was Massimo and we had cheered him on around every curve, every impossible small village lane, and every death defying reverse gear drama. So why not? Why not a three-syllable Italian name that no one could pronounce and made you sound like a pasta vendor as you yelled it out at the dog park? This was all coming together quite nicely.

Well, he's our boy. He don't listen, he don't come, he don't care for people, he don't give a sh*t, but he's our boy.

So in tribute to a life well lived, if not well's 30 months of Mo.

Carried across the threshold

I look good with azaleas

With my Russian beach princess...Catherine the Shoeless

Happy Second Birthday to Me

Crank up the Beach Boys


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