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Balkans Cruise 2: On to Budapeszt

Magnificent skylines, rich history, heartbreaking memorials, delicious cuisine, skilled horsemen, proud young folk dancers; the memories are indelibly sealed in our minds. The second portion of our Vikings Cruise through the Balkans was the apex of our journey. We were welcomed into a home, toured an excellent winery, listened to a magnificent organ concert, and discovered the charming Hungarian town of Szentendre (St. Andrews).

Two magnificent guides unlocked the treasures of Budapeszt for us like the skilled hands of the Secret Box craftsman. From the iconic architecture, to the hidden gems, they shepherded us through their beautiful city. We learned tumultuous history, tasted the best Láncos in town, saw a bottomless lake, and rode through Obuda in a 1967 Soviet-built Volga.

With the cacophony of sounds and the blur of images that was this adventure, for this traveler, I will return to Budapeszt someday to taste another Láncos, gaze upon the Parliament, have a second meal at Cyranos, and take Balázs up on a promised ride in the cab of a steam engine.

Budapeszt, Szia for now.

Enjoy the 16 minute video that follows. As with the previous travelogue, while you can view on your phone, it is highly recommended that you use your desktop, laptop, or tablet to get the full experience.


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