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Bella Italia

Hayden and I have had the rare good fortune to visit many countries in our 50 years of marriage. To celebrate this year's special milestone we chose one country that we and our family have returned to seven times, Bella Italia. We added Portugal to the itinerary to try a new place that none of us had ever visited.

Guided by a skilled Rick Steves tour guide we started in Rome and did a wonderful loop through Southern Italy ending in Naples. The sights, sounds, aromas, stories, and tastes were at times an assault on our senses and at other times a restful retreat from a not very peaceful year in World history. The serendipity of a festival, a wedding, fireworks, and live street music all paint a multifaceted picture of life in Italy.

I took hundreds of photos and have selected a few for your enjoyment. Sit back and experience the beauty that is Italy.


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