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Happy Anniversary

Forty nine years ago today, I awakened at the Davis home in Suffolk, VA still feeling the effects of my bachelor party from a week prior (we Sigma Pi's really know how to party). That morning I had no idea what lay ahead. I had no idea how high the good times would be or how low life's inevitable disappointments would feel, but I knew that I had chosen a life partner whose navigational skills were unmatched.

Hayden, Happy Anniversary. Let me just simply say that I love you and I love who you are. Your life has been defined by not just your impact on me, or the loving guidance that you have provided to two incredibly lucky daughters. Your life is defined by your impact on the whole world; family, friends, and countless souls who you will never meet. People who will never know your name have and will be touched by your love. You do not just talk the Gospel; you live the Gospel and we are all the better for it.




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